We aim to free people everywhere to experience life to the fullest through a cleaner, healthier environment by converting renewable resources into innovative cleaning tools

About Beira Brush

At Beira Brush, we operate 3 factories, that produce wood blocks, plastic backs, mops and brushware. Our specialized knowledge in the production of brushes, as well as of their wide range of uses qualifies our status as one of the largest backward integrated brushware manufacturing factories in South-East Asia, and Sri Lanka’s leading brushware exporter.

The quality and diversity of our brushware is testament to our understanding of the very specific requirements and demands of the household, commercial and professional sectors for which we provide. Further, our ethos of customizing products to suit buyer specifications makes us a veritable one-stop shop in brushware manufacturing. This, coupled with our intensive R&D and market research, and investment in state of the art machinery, empowers us to offer these products at competitive prices, facilitated by economies of scale.

Our traditional brushes have a large consumer base, and our reach the entire globe , with our products being sold by leading brands in the US, Australia and New Zealand, and present in Canada, Europe and the Indian sub-continent. With a surge in demand globally, for sustainable output, as well a sustainable production process, the transparency our company stands by engenders traceability to our recycled plastic sources, and therefore, solidifies the authenticity of our environmentally conscious product.

The essence of sustainability is that it is futuristic and ever-evolving ; as the world around us changes, we must too, to better service it, and our consumers. Among our accreditations is our ISO 9001:2008 certification- proof that we are committed to creating the highest caliber product, and will continue to do so.

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