Wood Factory

Located in Ingiriya, Sri Lanka, the Group’s Wood and Brush Factories, cover an area of over 9 acres. Our comprehensive production facilities consist of 69,000 square feet and 47,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Only the finest raw materials are used, transforming into products of uncompromising quality. Our experienced production team constantly monitors the production process; from uprooting of rubber trees, sawing and chemical treating of the timber to kiln drying. From formulation to production, each process represents a standard for quality unmatched in the industry.

Our modern manufacturing facilities allow us to offer you the broadest range of high quality wood blocks in plain, lacquered and painted finishes, and handles using rubber, beach and birch wood.

The Factory’s technically advanced production is through computerized European machinery. We take pride in our ability to produce high quality products without compromise in quality or delivery. We manufacture approximately 10.6 million linear feet per annum, and currently operating at 87% of it's capacity.

Beira is a responsible sourcing partner with forest owners and FSC® certified suppliers . Our forest owners and suppliers are committed to proper harvesting methods that ensure sustainability for future generations. We are certified through SGS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd enabling us to offer Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified products (SGS-COC-00986)".

Brush and Mop Factories

Combining modern manufacturing practices from our other facilities; we continue a tradition of excellence by producing a diverse range of high quality brushware and mops.

Controlling all aspects of our manufacturing processes, the components are assembled and installed on plastic and wooden brush backs with synthetic filaments, or natural fibres. We also produce plastic brush backs in solid, foam and co-injected varieties.

Our cotton and synthetic mops are renowned for their high standards of performance and reliability; cotton yarn is sourced from India, synthetic yarn from Canada and sockets used are produced in our own plastic factory.

We are committed to maintain the excellent standards of our products. Technologically advanced high speed computerized European machinery such as Borghi, Boucherie and Schlesinger produce the brushes at our facilities. We currently produce more than 7.5 million units per annum, operating at 88% of the capacity on shift basis.

Our products are renowned locally and across international markets for the highest standards of performance and reliability. We provide world class brush solutions through partnership and innovation delivering a comprehensive service.

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