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We are committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality, by using the best possible raw materials, processes that meet international standards, a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, and a value system that strives to protect the environment and uphold human dignity.

Dedicated personnel are closely involved in every step of the process ensuring that the highest quality raw materials are used in our products. They ensure only the best materials are procured; closely monitoring the process that begins with the uprooting of rubber trees, sawing, and chemical treating of the timber, to kiln drying. This process extends to selecting new raw materials and suppliers. We perform extensive quality checks at every stage of manufacturing. Independent quality controllers report directly to factory heads. Incentive schemes for our staff include payments for adhering to quality parameters that ensures our entire team is dedicated to quality.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certification conveys the stringent and robust quality standards incorporated throughout our business and supports our selling initiatives by facilitating the due diligence our customers undertake. This certification conveys to our customers that we are focused on quality throughout our business including manufacturing and selling.

Furthermore, our work has been accredited by the FSC, a non profit NGO , established to promote socio-economically driven initiatives that are concurrently, mindful of the burgeoning need for the protection of the world’s forests. Having merited their chain of custody certification, we abide by FSC-certified wood sourcing, ensuring a new rubber tree is planted for every one uprooted. We also recycle waste such as sawdust and small wood pieces, which are used, for instance, to fire boilers.

Moreover, our factories adhere the US Building Council’s widely recognized “LEED” guidelines, promoting a highly efficient and optimally ‘green’ production process. Recommendations include the use of natural light, rainwater harvesting, and minimizing energy usage overall.


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